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"Swingin' with Pendulums

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"Swingin' with Pendulums - Muse Crystals & Mystical Gifts

Pendulums have a rich history dating back to ancient times. The concept of a pendulum was first discovered by the ancient Greeks, who observed the regular back-and-forth motion of a suspended weight. However, it was not until the 17th century that the scientific study of pendulums began.

Pendulums have since found numerous applications in various fields. They have been used in clocks and timekeeping devices, as well as in scientific experiments to study gravity, motion, and other physical phenomena. 

While pendulums have a historical association with scientific study and timekeeping, it is important to note that their use in witchcraft or any other spiritual practice is based on personal beliefs and interpretations. In some forms of witchcraft and divination, pendulums are used as a tool for gaining insight, guidance, or accessing one's intuition. The energies and answers you get from a pendulum are actually coming from you. They aren't enchanted with a spirit or anything its all the subconscious vibes you are picking up from the universe. The more energy you poor into your pendulum the more energy it will give back and you will form a stronger connection with it.

The specific use of pendulums in witchcraft can vary depending on the practitioner and their traditions. Some may use pendulums for dowsing, which involves asking questions and interpreting the pendulum's movements as answers. Others may use pendulums for energy work, such as detecting or balancing energy fields.