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About Us

Muse Crystals - Unleashing Inner Magic and Holistic Wellness

A Haven for Crystal Healing, Holistic Wisdom, and Spiritual Growth

At Muse Crystals, we believe in the power of crystals to inspire, heal, and elevate our lives. Our dedicated team of heart-centered Certified Crystal Healers, Holistic Counselors, Reiki Practitioners, and Sound Healers welcome you to our magical online store and our iconic shop front located in Loganholme, Brisbane. We are here to guide you on your transformative journey and help you embrace the innate magic within.

Curated Collection of Love, Light, and Healing Crystals

Step into the world of Muse Crystals and be captivated by our carefully chosen collection of healing crystals and gifts. Each crystal is hand-picked, cleansed, charged, and loved, ensuring that it carries positive energy and vibrations.

We take pride in offering high-quality, ethically-sourced crystals that have been sound and Reiki activated to bring love, light, and healing into your world. Experience the beauty, power, and joy that our crystals can bring into your life.

From Garage Sale to Crystal Haven: Our Journey

What began as a humble garage sale has blossomed into one of the largest and most comprehensive crystal and holistic havens in Australia. Muse Crystals has evolved with a deep commitment to spreading love, light, and healing to all who cross our path.

We invite you to visit our breathtaking shop front, open seven days a week in Loganholme, Brisbane. Immerse yourself in the serenity of our space, surrounded by the beauty and energy of our crystals.

Our store

Address:Β 2 Atlantic Dr, Loganholme QLD 4129

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun | 9am - 5pm

Embrace the Muse: Your Path to Inner Magic

Embrace the transformative energy of Muse Crystals and awaken your inner magic. Whether you are a seasoned crystal enthusiast or new to the world of healing crystals, our knowledgeable team is here to guide and support you.

Explore our crystal guide, download our free ebooks, and discover the meanings and properties of various crystals. Visit our store or browse our online collection to find the perfect crystals that resonate with your journey.

Serene Self-Care at Muse Bath House

Adjacent to Muse Crystals lies Muse Bath House, a serene oasis designed to enhance your well-being. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance as you indulge in rejuvenating baths, soothing rituals, and soul-nurturing self-care experiences.

Owned by the same passionate advocate of holistic wellness, Muse Bath House offers a perfect synergy with Muse Crystals, allowing you to harmonize your inner and outer realms.

Muse Bath House & Day Spa

Address: 10-12 Atlantic Dr, Loganholme 4129 QLD

Opening Hours:

Monday – 9am to 5pm
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – 9am to 5pm
Thursday – 9am to 5pm
Friday – 9am to 5pm
Saturday – 9am to 5pm
Sunday – Group Bookings Only

Hear From Our Tribe

Our vibrant tribe of crystal enthusiasts are the heart of Muse Crystals. Hear from them about their transformative journeys with our crystals.