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Towers, Points & Generators

Elevate your spiritual practice and home ambiance with our exquisite collection of Towers, Points & Generators at Muse Crystals & Mystical Gifts. From majestic Obelisks to potent Double Terminators, each piece is selected for its unique ability to channel and amplify energy. Ideal for meditation, energy work, or as striking decorative pieces, these crystals serve as powerful tools for transformation and balance.

Whether you're seeking to enhance your focus, clear negative energies, or simply beautify your environment, our collection offers something special for everyone. Connect with the perfect crystal ally for your journey in our Towers, Points & Generators collection today.Β Your path to amplified energy and harmony awaits!

Blue Gold Stone Generator PointsΒ  - Muse Crystals & Mystical Gifts

Blue Gold Stone Medium Generator Tower


Celestial Clear Quartz Double Terminators - Muse Crystals & Mystical Gifts
watch_later Sold Out

Celestial Clear Quartz Double Terminators


Rose Quartz Generator Point Medium - Muse Crystals & Mystical Gifts

Rose Quartz Medium Generator Tower


Garden Quartz Wood Base


Citrine with Wood Base


Clear Quartz Wood Base


Selenite Moon Phase Obelisk - Muse Crystals & Mystical Gifts

Selenite Moon Phase Large Obelisk Tower


Lemurian Quartz Point - Muse Crystals & Mystical Gifts

Lemurian Quartz Small Point


Goldstone Medium Generator Point - Muse Crystals & Mystical Gifts

Goldstone Medium Generator Tower


Amethyst Twin Towers with Wood Base


Mexican Agate Large Tower


Lepidolite Large Tower


Citrine Tower with Wood Base


Wish Dip #1 - Muse Crystals & Mystical Gifts

Wish Dip #1


Black Obsidian Semi Raw Point - Muse Crystals & Mystical Gifts

Black Obsidian Semi Raw Point


Amethyst Large Raw Point - Muse Crystals & Mystical Gifts
local_offer Save $2,250.00

Amethyst Large Raw Point

$2,250.00  $4,500.00

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