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Crystal Meanings

Unlock the Secrets of Crystals with Muse Crystals' Crystal Meanings Guide. Explore the mystical properties and transformative energies of crystals to enhance your spiritual journey. Find the perfect crystal for healing, manifestation, and personal growth as you delve into our comprehensive crystal meanings collection. Start your crystal exploration today and experience the profound magic they bring to your life!


Courage | Composure | Confidence | Balance | Protection | Resolve

Agate stabilises emotional and physical energy. A soothing and calming stone, working slowly to bring great strength and self-confidence. Improves concentration, heals inner anger and stimulates love and strength so one can move on.

Agate Blue Lace

Communication | Clarity | Confidence

A wonderful healing stone that has a soft calming energy bringing peace of mind. Helps to release repressed self - expression that stems from the fear of rejection and judgement. Neutralises anger, bringing inner peace.

Agate Moss

Abundance | Bravery | Self Esteem | Stress Relief | Self Expression

Strongly connected with nature, it refreshes the soul so you can see the beauty in all that is around you. It is said to assist midwives and lesson the pain of childbirth. It’s the stone of new beginnings, releasing old blockages.


True Expression | Hope | Tranquility | Anxiety Relief | Toxic Energy Release

Absorbs stress caused from cell phones, microwaves etc. Filters information through mind into your intuition, very soothing stone, calms the mind and nervous system. Helps you to see both sides of a problem. Alleviates worry and fear.


Healing | Creativity | Faithful | Love | Intuition | Sleep | Spiritual Connection

Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers it helps to overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds and aids sleep. Its dispels negative emotions and brings positive responses, it enhances ones psychic abilities and guards against psychic attack.


Devine Guidance | Sleep | Alleviates Depression

This particular gemstone is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, creating a very powerful stone. Ametrine crystal meaning is often associated with healing properties. Ametrine enhances compatibility and acceptance of others. It shows where everyone is linked, overcoming prejudice. This is an extremely energetic stone, it stimulates creativity and supports taking control of your own life.

Angel Aura

Loving Communication | Healing | Spiritual Purpose | Calming

Bonded by electric charge. It has a very high and intense vibration. Releases negativity from emotional and physical bodies. Relieves stress and depression. Calms anger, cools fever, attracts wealth and allows your inner beauty. ALL Aura Quartz is created when Clear Quartz crystals are heated and infused with vaporised minerals which bond to the crystal.


Serenity | Meditation | Spiritual Connection | Communication

A stone of awareness, peace & brotherhood. Helps you to speak your truth, become more compassionate. Creates a great feeling of peace & tranquillity. Raises awareness, stimulates healing & facilitates telepathic contact. Enhances astrological understanding.


Honesty | Calming | Grounding | Healing

Stone of truth. Calms & grounds the soul. Overcomes anxiety, worries & fears. Releases suppressed emotions. Abandons pretense & breaks down reserves. Assists Reiki healing by taking the healer out of the way so that the healing energy is purer.


Freedom | Rejuvenation | Peace | Flow | Inner Strength | Learning

Stone of courage reduces stress & quietens the mind. Harmonises surroundings. A good fortune talisman. Brings tolerance of others. Support when feeling overwhelmed. Breaks old self - defeating patterns.


Fresh Ideas | Discernment | Learning | Inner Vision | Psychic Awareness

Enhances sleep, meditation & clarity of mind. Brings creativity and mental stability. Allows you to communicate freely. Opens your perspectives.


Connection | Order | Serenity

Bismuth relieves emotional and spiritual isolation, facilitating the meditative state of oneness, connectedness and serenity. As a stone of transformation, it calms disorder and helps push changes in the right direction with a physical vitality, connecting to ”all that is”.

Black Obsidian

Protection | Motivation | Inspiration | Creativity | Passion | Manifesting

A stone that is without boundaries or limitations. It works fast and with immense power. Nothing can hide from this stone e.g. fears & blockages. Extremely protective, forming a shield it blocks psychic attack and all negative energies.

Black Tourmaline

Protection | Clears Negative Energy | Anxiety and Stress Relief

Cleanses, purifies and forms a protective shield around the body. Keeps pests at bay. Buried, it promotes growth. Banishes feelings of being a victim, Attracts inspiration compassion and prosperity. Powerful mental healer, releases tension, removes blockages. Black: Protects against cell phones, strengthens immune system. Brown: Grounding, cleans aura, heals dysfunctional family relations.


Transformation | Resilience | Confidence | Courage | Wisdom

Enhances physical and mental vitality. Brings clarity to all situations, wisdom and courage. Helps to calm aggression and violence. Dispels confusion and helps decision making. Reduces irritability, aggressiveness and impatience. Powerful revitaliser when exhausted mentally and physically.

Blue Apatite

Optimism | Motivation | Inspiration | Creativity | Passion | Manifestation

A stone of manifestation. It increases motivation and builds energy reserves. Clears confusion eases tension, anger, apathy and sorrow. Overcomes emotional exhaustion by clearing negative beliefs about oneself.

Blue Goldstone

Communication | Opportunities | Nervous System

Looks like the starry night sky. Helps those interested in the practice of astrology. Wear for a few months and you will understand underlying patterns and how to avoid repeating old mistakes. It is a wish stone, blow into the stone on a starry night and makes a wish. It can open doors of opportunity.

Blue Kyanite

Empathy | Truth | Psychic Awareness | Anger Ease

Kyanite induces tranquillity and calm in addition to enhancing psychic awareness. It encourages you to find your voice and speak your truth. This stone aids in reducing any irritation, nuisance, anger, misunderstanding, and anxiety.

Bumblebee Jasper

Self Esteem | Happiness | Positivity | Honesty

Bumblebee Jasper can be used to promote happiness and help you find pleasure in the simple things in life, and in life itself. Helps what seems impossible to be possible.


Clearing | Energising | Focus | Mental Attunement

It is a very active crystal, cleaning and clearing the environment it is in. Removes stagnant energy. Combats laziness and gives encouragement to move on. Good for clearing the mind and unblocking old thoughts. A study stone, held or placed on your desk when wanting to remember. Soothes anger.

Caribbean Calcite

Soothing | Calming | Communication | Meditation | Transformation

Caribbean Blue Calcite delivers such heartfelt soothing and peaceful vibrations that touch your whole inner being. It encourages us to live in the present moment. It offers relief from stress and anxiety and promotes restful sleep and lucid dreaming.


Confidence | True Expression | Creativity | Courage

Grounds & anchors you in the present reality. Gives you an acceptance of the cycle of life. It gives courage motivates for success in business. Helps to trust yourself. Powerful protection against greed, envy, resentment. Calms anger. Place near your front door for protection & invites abundance in. Improves parent – child relationships, restores trust after abuse.


Relaxation | Positivity | Aura Cleansing | Sleep | Belonging

Stimulates our awakening to other realms of existence. Promotes purity of heart and attracts good fortune. Assists conflict by bringing peace and harmony to a situation. Teaches trust in self and the universe.


Spiritual Awareness | Perspective | Healing | Fearlessness

The stone of acceptance. Charoite encourages change, deep physical and emotional healing. Helps you to accept the present moment as perfect. Releases deep fears, and worry. Helps to overcome compulsions & obsession. Mentally it helps you to make decisions.


Renewal | Goddess | Energy | Reflection | Calming | Earthing/ Grounding

Brings inner strength when you feel overwhelmed. Stabilising effect at home, work and sell. Reverses feelings of guilt to joy and encourages self-awareness and inner balance. Gives a feeling of personal power. Reduces mental tension so you can keep a cool head.


Speech Therapy | Fertility (male/female) | Preventing Nightmares | Soothes Matters of the Heart

Helps to promote feelings of love and of forgiveness and helps to heal the heart of the energy of depression and anxiety, I his metaphysical properties for healing is we as being a stone to attract new love, abundance and prosperity.


Clarity | Optimism | Joy | Centredness | Focus | Inspiration

The stone of Abundance and Happiness. Powerful cleanser and regenerator, energising, creative, opens intuition. Teaches how to manifest prosperity, all that is good and how to share. Helps to go with the flow and overcome fear.

Clear Quartz

Master Healer | Spiritual Growth | Manifestation | Meditation | Positive Energy

The most powerful healer & amplifier, excellent for blockages. Works on all levels of self. Aids memory, excellent to program & store information.

Desert Rose

Productivity | Clarity | Determination | Confidence

Encourages you to go for your dreams, without fear. Enhances friendships, harmony and one’s love life. Initiates independence and motivation, so you can attain personal freedom. Releases trapped emotions, bringing calm. Provides strong yet delicate connection to all things, so you can find your path.


Patience | Mental Clarity | Psychic Enhancement

Dumortierite is an excellent stone that promotes positive attitudes in any life situation. It will bestow you with trust and courage during hardships and help you to gain understanding and control in one’s personal life. Some people like Dumortierite for its capacity to suppress fear and panic.


Prosperity | Hope | Healing | Divine | Love | Fertility

Emerald is a stone that brings abundant love, it helps to bring balance and equilibrium to all aspects of life, and especially to the emotions. It eliminates negativity and inspires positive actions, helps with fertility and abundance.

Fire Quartz

Heart Healing | Passion | Focus | Calms Stress & Anxiety | Clarity

Self esteem, removes negativity, balances body mind spirit. Helps you to understand why you do something so you can have a conscious response rather than an unconscious reaction.

Flower Agate

Emotional Support Healing | Growth Motivation | Passion

It has a gentle & nourishing energy resembling a field of flowers. The circle and dots represent seeds and the floral plumes represent the blossom, reminding us that we start out as seeds, then blossom and grow.


Self Worth | Life Lessons | Healing | Trauma

A stone of knowledge, good for helping to access herbal and holistic remedies. Teaches self worth and how to allow another to learn their own lessons while you support and love. Overcomes co-dependency and emotional blackmail and gives strength after trauma.


Courage | Protection | Guidance | Emotional Well Being | Energy Clearing

Often carried as a protective talisman for travellers. Inspires love and devotion. A stone of commitment, fortifies, activates and strengthens the survival instinct. Good in times of crisis.

Golden Healer Quartz

Master Healer | Strength | Confidence | Leadership

Clears the auric field, filling it with golden light. Goes deep, so you can release old patterns. Dissolves and releases blocks or foreign energies, replenishing and restoring the body’s natural balance and harmony.


Grounding | Knowledge | Perception | Hope | Optimism | Creativity

Though it appears orange it is clear, the colour comes from the copper crystals inside helping us to remember the light is always found in the dark. If you’re feeling sad it helps to remind you of the wonders of life.

Green Amethyst (Prasiolite)

Spiritual Growth | Vision | Self Love | Heals the Heart

Prasiolite releases blockages on the emotional level, clearing the heart chakra and promoting self love. It awakens your heart to the frequency of compassion and love while enhancing your strong connection to all things. Promotes harmony & balance in the mental body and eases wounds that have accumulated within the emotional body. Wear it when you want to balance your emotions, increase your energy levels and promote healthy relationships. Reverses bad luck & finds means to pay a mass of bills by an inflow.

Green Aventurine

Abundance | Hope | Confidence | Creativity | Stress Relief

This is a stone of prosperity. Tape to mobile phone, protects against emanations. Defuses negative situations to positive. Reinforces leadership & decisiveness. Stabilises ones mind stimulates creativity. Calms anger and irritation so you can live from your heart. Promotes sense of well being.

Green Fluorite

Harmony | Releases Trauma | Travel | Positivity

Brings order to chaos, harmony. Clears negative energy from any environment, cleansing and renewal. Inspires new ideas, quick thinking. Release emotional trauma and addictions. Absorbs pollution from the environment. Good for travel (keep safe). Attracts butterflies to your garden.


Grounding | Clarity | Focus | Stability | Energising

Hematite restores yin/yang balance. Good for all legal situations. Boosts self esteem, enhances willpower, removes self-imitations & aids expression. Helps to overcome additions. Stimulates concentration & focus. Useful for study of mathematics.


Empathy | Happiness | Regaining Health | Psychic Enhancement | Attracts Spirit Guides & Angels

Hemimorphite is a powerful metaphysical stone for opening and clearing higher chakras. It simulates the pineal and pituitary glands and energises the third eye and crown.

Herkimer Diamond

Spiritual Energy | Attunement | Clears Chakras & EMF's | Creativity

Promotes creativity, telepathy, clairvoyance and dream recall. This stone attunes people and links them together when they are apart, each person holding on to one. Good for clearing electromagnetic & radioactive pollution.


Insight | Patience | Wisdom | Calming | Sleep Aid

A very calming stone, excellent for insomnia. It helps you to achieve your goals both spiritual and material. Teaches patience and helps to calm down rage, uncontrolled anger. Placed in pocket it absorbs your own anger and any anger. Releases the ties of old emotions to prevent triggers.


Tranquillity | Nurturing | Love | Positivity

Dream stone. Brings about tranquility and wisdom. Increases love & nurturing of self. Releases negative thoughts and awakens he mind. Healing - Hidden knowledge. Cleanses the organs of toxins, fluids and aids digestion. Relieves depression.

Kambaba Jasper

Inner Peace | Social Confidence | Tranquility | Confidence | Meditation

A stone of peace and tranquillity, it comforts and protects. Soothing troubled minds and bringing balance to body and spirit. It helps you to focus on whatever situation is happening now. Can help to release negative thoughts and feelings, especially those that plague one’s mind.


Unconditional Love | Peace | Receptivity | Anxiety/Stress Relief

Dispels negativity, shields aura. Encourages self expression, removes obstacles and promotes tolerance for sell and others, Helps to dissolve panic attacks. Also helps you to accept constructive criticism. Brings back lot trust and innocence.


Protection | Magic Transformation | Goals | Chakra Healing

Highly mystical, protective & brings in light. Forms a barrier to negative energies. Releases fears & insecurities. Gives faith in self & trust in universe. Stone of transformation & can bring your dreams into reality.

Lapis Lazuli

Purpose | Awakening | Destiny | Awareness | Truth | Communication

Lapis is a protection stone. Teaches power of the spoken work. It encourages self-awareness & self-expression, honestly & compassion. Bonds relationships, dissolves martyrdom, cruelty & suffering.


Stress Ease | Serenity | Calming | Confidence | Feminine Energy | Communication

Opens you to new dimensions, stimulates evolution of the earth. Promotes love, peace and tranquility. Raises consciousness, harmonises body and soul. Encourages angelic contact and communication with other realms. Heals past life relationships. Dissolves self sabotaging behaviour, blockages and martyrdom. Encourages going with the flow. An earth healing stone helps women to reconned to their femininity and restore connection to nature.


Peace | Calming | Wisdom | Sleep Aid | Understanding

Cleans electromagnetic pollution, good for computers. Dissipates negativity. Accesses Akashic records. Reduces stress and depression. A stone of transition, calming and supportive during deep emotional distress.


Will Power | Reflection | Transformation | Wisdom

Malachite amplifies positive & negative energies. Protects the wearer from harm. It soaks up pollutants in the air and body, but should be cleaned regularly. Encourages us to step out of comfort zone and take a chance. Helps to break ties to the past. A very powerful stone for change.

Mangano Calcite

Reiki Stone | Universal | Love | Ideal 1st Crystal for a Baby

It is a deep healer across space and time and brings self-love, a capacity for nurturing and healing on all levels, physical and etheric. It is a sone of peace and well-being.


Empowerment | Meditation | Spiritual Elevation | Transformation | Clarity

Moldavite is a rare form of tektite. Formed when a giant meteorite struck earth. Therefore it is a fusion of extra-terrestrial and mother earth energies. Talisman for good fortune and fertility. Enhances other crystals by lifting their vibrations. Extremely high vibration, which opens and clears blockages. It helps you to feel comfortable being in a body especially when you yearn to go home.


Adventure | Balance | Grounding

Mookaite connects us to ancient knowledge and genetic memory. It is a powerful reminder of the ageless spirit, and can help one to maintain a young at heart attitude and a vibrant physical vessel.


Feminine Energy | Intuition | Love | Fertility | Renewal | Receptivity

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings and encourages us to accept our intuition. Calms emotions in times of stress. Balances male/ female energies. Helpful for shock and trauma. Calming for hyperactive children. Encourages lucid dreaming, especially at times of full moon.

Ocean Jasper

Calming | Confidence | Self Worth | Stress & Anxiety Relief

Ocean Jasper is calming, gentle and nurturing, it helps brings issues to the surface, but in a gentle way so that you can properly acknowledge and process it. It encourages service for the highest good and empathy towards both yourself and others around you.


Forgiveness | Releasing | Personal Power Protection

Protective stone for the aura. Neutralises toxins on all levels, purifies and releases old baggage. Activates heart and solar plexus. Helps you to detach from people & places from the past. Reduces stress & shows you how to forgive yourself & take responsibility for your life. Assists with organization.

Pink Amethyst

Master Healer | Heals the Hearts | Personal Power | Determination

Pink Amethyst is all things to do with love, soothing feelings, and kindness, it is a neutraliser of anxiety; even those who suffer from debilitating, chronic angst have seen improvement after long term use of this new crystal. This stone is known to instil feelings of understanding, calmness, trust, and grace. Increased intuition and clarity.

Pink Tourmaline

Emotional Healing | Stress Relief | Motion Sickness | Soothing Matters of the Heart

Pink Tourmaline is best known to heal emotional wounds a person has been suffering for a long time. Mainly, the emotional wounds from childhood.


Protection | Astro Travel | Alleviates Nightmares

Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and the crystal that will heal the healer. Prehnite eases nightmares, phobias and deep fears uncovering and healing the problems that create them. It his helpful for people who are hyperactive.


Good Fortune | Will Power | Protection | Vitality | Negative Energy

Pyrite stone of protection good for travel as it keeps away physical danger. Brings up memories of love and friendship. Helps one to see beyond facades. Enhances memory. Also good for removing your concept of abundance, or lack of. Increased intuition and clarity.

Rainbow Fluorite

Mental Clarity | Vitality | Decision Making | Confidence

Cleans and stabilises aura. Protects against computer and electromagnetic stress. Draws negative energies and stress from around you. Purifies and cleans on all levels. This stone overcomes chaos and brings calmness. Helps you to learn and increase concentration.

Red Jasper

Peace | Comfort | Wisdom | Courage | Protection

Known as the supreme nurturer, it supports during stress. Gives you determination & encourages honesty to yourself. Aids quick thinking, transforms ideas into action. Supports during long illness & hospitalisation.


Grace | Light Heartedness | Vulnerability | Unconditional Love

Represents selfless love and compassion. Excellent for heart and relationships. Wonderful for sexual abuse. Allows you to accept hurtful experiences as a learning curve. Helps to confront irrational fears and paranoia, lifts depressed mood bringing a lightness to life.


Romance | Bliss | Unconditional Love | Emotional Healing | Forgiveness

Rhodonite nurtures, supports & encourages love & the ability to see both sides of the issue. A known first aid stone – heals emotional shock & trauma. It clears away emotional wounds & scars from the past, releases & cleanses resentment & anger. Encourages forgiveness so the self- destructive emotions no longer cause disease.

Rose Quartz

Forgiveness | Love | Peace | Harmony | Compassion | Grief

Rose Quartz is all about unconditional love and peace. It purifies the heart and brings calm, it attracts love to you and from you. Brings self-love and acceptance. Releases unexpressed emotions and heartache whilst comforting grief. Encourages self forgiveness and trust.

Ruby in Zoisite

Grief | Hopelessness | Healing | Abundance

It is a powerful healer of the emotional body. This stone offers the energies of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth.


Protection | Leadership | Fidelity | Spiritual Awakening

Sapphire has very strong protective properties. Therefore they make an excellent stone in times where there is a risk of mental, emotional, or psychic attack. These precious gems encourage spiritual awakening and strengthen the connection between the physical and the higher self.


Communication | Patience | Healing | Strength

Enhances the gift of speaking to audiences or individuals, in a way that they stay interested for longer. It is a grounding stone, Septarian allows for better tolerance and patience, as well as emotional flexibility. It can gauge the underlying cause of an illness when meditated upon, and focuses the body into healing itself. Septarian can absorb your energy when held over a period of time and transmits that energy into strength when needed.

Selenite (Satin Spar)

Transformation | Protection | Honesty | Light Energy | Reflection

Brings clarity of mind allowing to higher Angelic understanding. Calming stone installing deep peace. It pinpoints lessons and issues that are still unfinished and how to work on them. Clears confusion and helps you to see clearly. Non-judgemental is another one of its gifts.

Shiva Lingam

Life | Breathe | Kundalini | Togetherness | Balancing | Yin/Yang

Shiva Lingam is a stone that symbolises the unity of life, it helps us to connect with all people, especially those of whom we feel distant. With this stone, we will feel togetherness and ease of communication. Likewise, this stone can help us more easily to forgive people who have done us wrong.


Anti-Oxidant | Miracles | Blessings | Grounding | EMF Protection

Shungite is an excellent grounding stone. Its high vibration helps to bring your spiritual body down into the physical plane so that you can better integrate. If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed this is for you. To connect with the ancient wisdom tuck it into your pillowcase. It’s a very positive stone, bringing with it a variety of blessings for a healthy life. It cleanses water then infuses it with potent healing vibrations. It has been used in Russia for a long time and is well known for its healing miracles.

Smoky Quartz

Grounding | Calming | Nightmares | Manifesting | Cleansing

Excellent stone for grounding and protecting, especially in time of stress. Eliminates & detoxes on all levels. Relieves fear lifts depression & brings calmness. Aids acceptance of physical body. Smoky Quartz helps with the manifestation of our dreams into the physical world and to ward off nightmares.


Intuition | Confidence | Strength | Enlightenment | Truth

Sodalite unites logic with intuition. Installs a drive for truth so you can remain true to self. It cleans electromagnetic pollution caused by computers etc. Good for group work, bringing harmony & solidarity of purpose. Stimulates trust & inter-dependence. Eliminates mental confusion, calming the mind, allowing old mental conditioning to go, leaving space for new insights. Calms panic attacks releases negative emotions of guilt, fear, control issues.


Protection | Discernment | Grounding | Energy | Balance

Sphalerite will ground your thoughts, desires & ideas. This crystal will to remind you that every action you take affects your journey and future.

Spirit Quartz

Patience | Spirituality | Forgiveness | Karmic Healing

This Quartz has an exceptional spiritual quality. This uplifting stone radiates on a very high vibration. Promotes self forgiveness. Pinpoints karmic connections and then helps you to realign the situation in this present life. Assists in the passing from our body to the other side and also helps the ones left behind to grieve. It cleanses other crystals and enhances their energy. Instills patience and helps overcome obsessive behaviour.

Strawberry Quartz

Love | Presence | Healing | Destiny

Stimulates the heart centre by filling the person with feelings of love. Connects to the centre of the universe and brings forth information about the creation of planetary form and the reason behind it all. Guides you to live in each moment. It can show you your path in life, bringing you the answers that you seek in terms of finding your own bliss.


Truth | Forgiveness | Life's Answers | Positivity

Teaches us to live from our truth and reminds our soul the reasons for incarnating. Answers all our questions like “why am I here”?, “where did I come from”?, “who am I”? and “what do I need”? Protects the soul from shocks, trauma and disappointment. Aids forgiveness and group difficulties. Encourages positive thoughts, brings light into any dark situation.


Sensuality | Creative Power | Stress Relief | Energiser | Anti Depression

Brings joy & sweetness back into your life. It lets the sunshine again in times of darkness. This is a stone to help you to unhook past connections with family. It lets you say no, removing co-dependency. A good antidepressant it lifts dark moods. Increases self worth & self-empowerment.

Tiffany Stone

Business Success | Physical Intimacy | Connection to Higher Realms

Tiffany Stone contemplates making the spiritual connection with the cosmos stronger. It removes energy blockages from the chakras and the overall torso. Tiffany stone helps to obtain assistance from higher realms.

Tiger Eye

Protective | Grounding

Protective stone, useful as a talisman. Grounds people who are spaced out & can’t commit. Aids in collecting information so it can be used. Helpful in resolving conflicts, internal & external. Supports addictive personalities to make changes. Alleviates depression & lifts moods. Helps you to see what it is you really need not what you want.


Spiritual Awakening | Manifesting | Activation Rest | Sleep

Trolleite is the light for your soul path and your highest good. Trolleite is an excellent, activator for all your energy ceres and light channels. It amplifies sensitivity, intuition and encourages self discipline, ethics, and personal responsibility. Helps mental and emotional focus, so it is easier to embrace independence and accountability.


Balance | Fertility | Personal Growth | Grounding | Birthing

Gently releases conditions blocking growth or change. Can go beneath the physical symptoms of disease so the cause can be found. Enhances weight gain and releases fluid retention. Also good for the re-birthing process.

Cleansing Tools

Palo Santo

Palo Santo is an effective natural remedy for anxiety. When inhaled, it moves directly through the olfactory system of the brain, where it helps stimulate the body’s relaxation response to combat worry, anxiety, sleep disorders, and depression. It also has antiseptic, anti- inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties.

White Sage

Sage is a powerful magical herb which has been used for hundreds of years a cleansing and purifying herb. Its magical energies make it a great choice for protection spells and it’s also powerful when used in money and abundance spells. Sage can be burned in ceremony or for cleansing oneself and one’s environment it enhances magic, wisdom, healing, protection, purification and clarity.